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Unveiling Business Triumphs through Data Analysis and Process Automation

Warieta Gift Ejovwoke

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my digital hub! Here, you'll find a glimpse into my passions, projects, and musings. Explore freely, and I hope you discover something inspiring and useful during your time here. Feel free to reach outโ€”I'd love to connect and share thoughts. Thanks again for dropping by!

Who is Gift ?

WARIETA Gift Ejovwoke is currently the Senior Associate, Business Performance and Analysis – Offline Business at Flutterwave who is passionate about providing strategies for unlocking business potential through data analysis and process automation solutions.

With over 7 years’ experience and knowledge in data analytic processes, SQL scripting (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Maria DB etc.), data visualization, database development and implementation, website development etc., he has been privileged to perform different roles across the educational, health (local and International Non-governmental organizations such as Mediciense Sans Frontieres, USAID etc.), power sectors (Utilities โ€“ Kaduna Electric, Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company and Ikeja Electric) and Fintech Space such as the Paga Group and Flutterwave.

My Passion


class Passion {
    public $coding;
    public $dataAnalysis;
    public $automation;
    public $speaking;
    public $training;
    public $networking;

    public function __construct() {
        $this->coding = true;
        $this->dataAnalysis = true;
        $this->automation = true;
        $this->speaking = true;
        $this->training = true;
        $this->networking = true;

    public function pursuePassion() {
        if ($this->coding && $this->dataAnalysis && $this->automation && $this->speaking && $this->training && $this->networking) {
            echo "I passionately engage in coding, data analysis, business process automation, speaking at conferences, training, and networking!";
        } else {
            echo "I am passionate about various fields, but I need to engage in all of them to feel fulfilled!";

$myPassion = new Passion();


Do you know that with simple process automation, you can make your issuing of post-training certificate seamless? I created a simple solution to demo this out.

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My Expressions

Unlock business insights from data.
Improving business efficiencies.
Development of business and personal websites.
Bridging tech skill gaps for both individuals and corporate business teams.
General tech solutions consultancy with specialisation in Data analytics and Low code.
Speaking engagements in Webinars, Conferences, bootcamps etc.

Taking your business to the next level

Innovative solutions to help your business thrive. With my data analytics and business automation skills, I am ready to partner with you to achieve extraordinary results.

Believe in

Be the Best
You Can Be

Businesses where I have stepped my feet on

Over the years in my career, I have had great opportunities to work in and with amazing businesses and clients that are making great differences in their space.
The logos here, are a sample representation of where I have contributed or still contributing to make a difference.

An award-winning full-stack digital marketing studio

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Stay Ahead

Business process automation isn't just about efficiency; it's a catalyst for growth, enabling companies to focus on what truly matters: innovation and delivering exceptional value.

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