Does True Love Exist?

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Naked Truth

The word “Love” means different things to different people depending on individual experiences. In fact some people believe that love does not exist not to even debate if true love exist as they are of the opinion that what exists more is INFACTUATION.

True love can likewise be characterized as you how you act in a relationship with somebody. Genuine affection is tied in with meeting each other’s assumptions and cherishing each other with trust, acknowledgment, and backing. Genuine affection is tied in with treating somebody with the sort of regard that they merit since you see them in a caring way.

Well for me as an individual, I am always of the opinion that “not experiencing something does not denote the non-existence of that thing”. Even when I was still very single and searching for a life partner, I believed and still believes that love exists. The fact that I can love, means I can also be loved even if I do not experience it. In my own opinion, TRUE LOVE is the ability to love without any strings attached. It is the ability to love someone first as a human being. In summary, I believe true love exists. Anyway, this is my own opinion.

What is your experience? Do you believe LOVE exists? Have you ever truly loved someone (friend, lover, family, etc.)? Have you ever been truly loved by someone? What is the state of love in the world today? Is the word “love” a mirage?

Please share your opinion on the comment section. Does true love exist?


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